Best Water Purifier for Home

Best Water Purifier for Home | The 3 Best Water Purifiers For Indian Homes | Which is the Best Water Purifier for Home | Top 3 Water Purifier for Home

Summer is top of the head of the India and it is the time when we consume more water. ate is the most precious element on earth. As the demand of the fresh water supply increases, the supply also falls short in the summer season. It is important that all the homes must have a reliable water purification method in their homes. It is vital to remove harmful bacteria from the water. Drinking clean water is essential for the health of our entire family. Today the best water purifier for home is available for less than fifteen hundred rupees. Domestic purifiers are best to remove virus, bacteria, pesticides, lead, chemicals, and others.

Best Water Purifier for Home

A RO purifier is must to have in this highly polluted environment. Therefore, here are the three best water purifiers from which you can choose

Kent Pearl water purifier

People always have to face confusion when they are choosing a water purifier. There are so many advanced options available in Nadia though. Every brand is having solid technology behind their purifiers. Kent RO purifier is an expert. It is having double water purification technology and can remove all the harmful bacteria from the water. It can also filter all the suspended particles in it. its design is modular and will easily fit in your modern needs. there is a detachable water tank and its cleaning is less messy and simple. In India, people use different water resources and this purifier will best suit in the needs of Indian natives.

L’eaupure Aquajet with alkaline water purifier feature

This is the brand that will certainly grab your attention. It offers a series of purifies and all of them have pretty good features. It also comes with the tools, which are required to clean it to a good level. Functionally this purifier is really giant and holds the capacity of 12 liters. There are fourteen filtration levels, which makes it apart from the rest. In the first six stages, all the suspended particles are removed and in the seventh stage, it removes all the bacteria and particles from the water. The next stage is osmosis in which UV sterilization is done to deactivate all the bacteria and virus.
 It also adds important minerals in the water. This will enhance the functions of the body. It gives alkaline water to drink, which cleans all the acidic waste from our body. Overall, it is a very good investment you need.

Auaguard enhance

The company is having different series for different needs of their customers. If your water supply is having more bacteria and less suspended particles, then you must focus purchasing a purifier that focus more on killing the bad bacteria. The design of the purifier is good. You can either place it on the kitchen top, table or mount it on the wall as per your desires. The tank is transparent and you can easily watch the quality and quantity. It also kills bacteria using UV rays.

 All these three best water purifier home are a great investment towards the health of your family.


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  2. A friend of mine uses the Kent Pearl Water Purifier. According to her, it does a good job with its double purification and computer controlled operation. I am thinking of buying this purifier, but at the moment I am using purification tablets: