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Today the entire world is facing the issue of contaminated water resulting in people chasing for a reliable water system so that they can drink clean water. Consequently, the majority of the manufactures have given their best. Today there is a variety of RO purifiers available and some of them are pretty advanced. The demand of the best water purifier in India is also growing. People know the serious circumstances of not drinking clean water. However today there is unlimited options available and this is the time when consumers have to face serious issues. From the consumer perspective which is the right purifier? What is going to be the cost? Will my choice is being worth? These questions run in the mind.
best water purifier in India

Types of water purifier

First, you should know about the different types of purifiers. This will help you in investing on the one that can fit in your needs properly. There are three types of water purifier, which are

  • UF water purifier
  • Reverse osmosis (RO purifier)
  • Ultra violet (UV purifier)

Each of them is having different functions and features. There are best purifiers available in India so you do not have to worry. There are good brands available.

It is important to choose aright one

Average consumers are not aware of the right things to make their purchase worth. However, a wise consumer will always research before putting their hard-earned money. Today many resources available can take you to the right purifier. Here are also few points that will help you.

RO must to have

First, make sure that the purifier you have selected must have a feature of reverse osmosis, which is otherwise called RO in common language. This is an advanced filtration technique, which all the good names in the market are defiantly having in their models. This technology is used to take out pollutants from the water. This also includes elimination of the viruses and heavy metals, which an ordinary system cannot.

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TDS technology to make the Taste of water good

Others have used the TDS controllers and adding essential minerals. According to them, this makes the taste of the water better. However, there is one problem with this type of filtration technique. It does not completely eliminate the viruses from the water. It actually features UF filtration, which mixes the water. You still get the harmful elements. To guarantee the safe water your filter must have RO technology.

Water storage

The third thing, which you must see is the storage tank. It should have durable container and must be kept in an upright position. It must be tightly sealed and must not encourage the growth of the bacteria and other microorganisms. You are going to use your filter everyday so make sure that you go with the best brand so that it can last possibly longer.

There are few other things as well, which are equally important as these three features above. Make sure you are not forgetting them.

  • Capacity is a vital aspect. There are different options available and you can choose one according to your consumption.
  • Dimensions also leaves many options and you can choose one according to your space
  • Non electric or electric
  • There are two types available one, which runs on battery and other runs on electricity. You will have to change the battery from time to time. 
  • User rating is also important and you can easily find it online.
  • Every  reputed brand is going to provide you with a warranty period
  • Durability  must  not be complicated
  • It must have auto shut features

There are some good brands in India, which are having all the features consumers’ needs. These are the brands like Aquagurad, PureIt, Kent, and Tata Swach. These are the basic factors that you need to pay attention to get aright purifier at your home. Here is the review of 5 best water purifiers that are going to help you according to your choice.

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5 best water purifier’s Indian brands

1. Tata Swach smart 15 L water purifier

It is the most compact water purifier for small families. There are size options also available. There is no need of electricity to make it function. Its capacity is fifteen liter and its price is just rupees 1400/ only. If you are having few people at home with less space in your kitchen, then this is an ideal option for you.

2. HUL PureIt RO+UV

It is top in the list because of its advanced features and amazing look. Who does not want to have trendy looking water purifier hanging on the walls of their modular kitchens? It is simply beautiful with modern features. It holds ten-liter capacity. It can also fit in the needs of a single person. It works on electricity and is available at 21,000/ only.

3. Kent ultra UV

It is the most stunning looking and popular one in the market. It is available in the capacity of fifteen liters. It is a compact purifier and is very easy to use and lift. Today you will found it in many homes in India. It is going to give you safe water to drink. It also adds minerals to water and makes it taste good. It is all in one water purifier and in the top list. The price is 19,000/ only

4. PureiT WPAD100 advanced

It is really huge and holds the capacity of twenty-three liters. If you have a large family, then this is going to be right for your kitchen. It is also best for the hard water and bore well in India. It is just available for 3200/ only and runs on electricity.

5. HUL PureiT WPWS100

It is having unique and classic design available for sixteen hundred rupees with ten-liter capacity.
These are the five best water purifier in India in which you can invest. You can assure the health and with their installments at your home. These are going to fit in every need and budget. The matter is that you get clean water to drink.

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